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Mr. LawSchoolDebt graduated from a highly-ranked law school and paid an enormous sum of money for the privilege. He does not have the oh-so-coveted-yet-oh-so-elusive BigLaw job, so his salary is decidedly average. Very decidedly. His student loans, however, are decidedly above average. Again, very decidedly. This blog is Mr. LawSchoolDebt’s effort to document his work toward paying off student loans, to encourage others to do the same, and to hold Mr. LawSchoolDebt responsible.


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  1. Hi. My name is Harold and I read your whole blog this week. This is obviously none of my business but if you would like some unsolicited advice here it is: You should forget about trying to pay this off and go on PAYE or IBR. I’m guessing that at $50,000 in income your payment will only be $300 or less a month. This would allow you to have a regular life and get out of the rut you’ve mentioned repeatedly (move away from parents, socialize, gf, etc.). I know the 20 year payoff is a long ways away but with your debt to income ratio you are fighting a very difficult battle. I do 100% support your idea of getting out of law – I think you should as soon as possible in order to up your income.

    My story is not unlike yours. I had $145,000 in debt back in 2013. I had gone to a T3 law school and graduated in 08. Not being able to find a single legal job I went back and got an MBA at a T1 school and since then have found great employment. Where our stories differ is that my wife’s and my total income is almost $250,000 so it has allowed me to put a substantial amount on my loan every month so my loans will be paid off in only 2.5 years. Additionally, my wife and I were able to maintain a normal life while doing it.

    I’m sorry this has happened to you and I applaud all your efforts. Obviously, I wouldn’t be mad if you keep doing things this way, I would just encourage you to not give up everything in your 30s when there are other options available :-). Good luck man!



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